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Mobile DevOps
We provide managed mobile DevOps pipelines as a service. Let your team focus on features building and leave delivery and distribution to us. We start with short technical audit that gives you transparency into your DevOps needs and build pipelines for any level of flow complexity.
Reactive Lions also provides App Store management support, including Enterprise program management, keys management, release management and technical representation with the Apple/Google Store Review Teams.
Design Study
Our mission is to build empathetic tech future, this is how we do it.
We embrace the best of design thinking world to study users needs and problems. Design Study enables our clients to offer the best possible solution on time and ahead of the market, without spending large budgets on R&D and market validation.
Our top-notch scientists and engineers support the studies along the way, to provide meaningful insights to our customers to support their decision-making process.
Let’s face it, everything is digital, your IP, your ownership, your data, your access, all of it.
We help enterprises to setup secure environment and employ state of the art defense techniques by providing them with highly targeted pentesting reports on the sensitive infrastructure and mission-critical business processes.
Our clients use our pentest reports to assess plans for improving security budgets and take protective measures across entire business, including vendors and infrastructure.
Tech Audit
The biggest liability is a legacy code which nobody knows or understands, and that is still being operated by a business.
Our experts help find technical risks and grade them in order of priority for a business to act successfully in accordance to their strategy.
We help to assess risk mitigation techniques as well as define migration plans, and help their execution together with all involved stakeholders.
Team Review
Each growth stage is different, and it is an exciting challenge to solve.
For every enterprise that goes through major cycle of change each 6-12 months, organisation has to adapt accordingly. We step in to help an executive board to review both technical and product teams.
Our reports provide meaningful independent assessment of each team member and their impact on product, revenue, organisation. These reports serve as a strategic guideline for an executive board to act upon.
Tech changes rapidly, we help your organisation to make sure that your team is up for it as well.
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